Fly Alone

By: CeCe Marie

All your life you flew alone

Embracing authenticity because it was in your DNA

From your authentic baked mac & cheese to your authentic designs fit for kings and queens

All the way down to the authentic love you shared with each and every one of us

A love that was true and real

The love you gave had its own swag dripping off of it

Even though you flew alone you infected everyone you knew with your joy and laughter

Blessing us with a love that seeped inside our bodies, making a home in our hearts and in our minds

A house is not a home when there’s no one there to hold you tight

You were always there as the foundation to our home and our family

Even though you flew alone you never left anyone out of sight

Always taking others under your wing, nurturing them back to flight

You showed them to trust themselves instead of sitting on a branch

Because once that branch breaks, they can take their broken wings and fly

You now are flying free

No more pain and suffering

Although you are resting peacefully beneath the ground and no longer with us physically

Your soul breaths life into our family each and every day

Spiritually your alive now more than ever

We speak and you listen

We cry and you comfort us

We ache with pain and you soothe us

We have weak moments and just the thought of you makes us laugh

           Make no mistake about it

          A chair is still a chair even when there is no one sitting there

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