Why Coffee, Tea or Tequila

By: CeCe Marie

In May, I went to dinner with a friend to catch up on life. After a rough year, I was starting to rebuild my path. The first half of the year I reflected on myself and where I wanted to be. I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to take any L’s all 2017. In other words, I took too many loses in 2016 and it was time to join the winning team from here on out. Little did I know that while I was at dinner that night with my friend, he would join my team and become my business partner. While we were talking, I was explaining to him that I wanted to get back to writing and that I was thinking of starting my own blog. Since getting my masters in journalism two years ago I haven’t done anything with my writing except for pouring my heart out in journals full of words that nobody would ever read. My writing has always been something that I kept private because the majority of my content has been written from my pain.

Writing and blogging was what was on my mind, but with one simple question that idea brewed from print to digital. My business partner asked me, Have you ever thought about being a host for your own video blog? That simple question intrigued me because it made me think of my uncle Kevin. He always told me that I could be the next Oprah and that I could do anything that I put my mind to. Once of the last conversations I had with my uncle before he passed away he told me that “when you fly, you fly alone.” Even with him being blind, my uncle saw my journey unfolding before I even envisioned it. Uncle Kevin died on May 12th of last year and we laid him to rest on my birthday, May 18th. After his passing I began to reflect a lot about the words he spoke to me on flying alone. I took those words and applied them to my life, working on myself as I sought out to find what would satisfy the empty void I felt inside of me. I changed my mindset and took a bet on myself. From spending more time alone getting to know who I truly am to reflecting on what would make me happy inside and out. I also had conversations with my uncle asking him to guide me on my path. I asked for him to keep me focused and motivated and I kept him updated on my journey as I began to fly alone. I believe that my uncle guided me to meet with my business partner in May, which also was a year after his passing.

That night at dinner Coffee, Tea or Tequila was brought to life. It embodies all three sides of who I am from bold, to sweet, and edgy. Now that we had the idea for a video blog we had to build out the plan. My homework was to write out my one year, three year and five year goals along with the concept behind the brand. My vision was to have a genuine voice that brings stories to life in an intimate setting. So here we are, Coffee, Tea or Tequila providing intimate conversations that satisfy the soul. This is only the beginning, so I hope you continue to follow us as our path unfolds. Its been six months and trust me “we workin”.

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