How To Cardi B Your 2018!

From Stripping to Stardom, We Present to You: CARDI B


Mrs. Offset had one hell of a 2017!


It’s a new year, time for a NEW YOU.

A new year can bring change, a feeling of rejuvenation, a refreshing feeling, a feeling of hope!  Do NOT let anyone discourage you from starting over.

How can you grow yourself, your business, your brand? 

The Naysayers will remain naysayers,

What if Cardi B, would’ve stayed in the strip club?



What if Cardi B, would’ve turned down Love and Flip Flop?


What if she would’ve never made that VIRAL VINE? 

tenor (7)

But most importantly, what if Cardi B would’ve never gotten those gang banging teeth fixed?


What if Cardi B would’ve listened to the naysayers? We’d never know what her future would’ve held,

She most likely would still be on that pole.


The pole wasn’t her only goal.

How did she manage to BOSS UP? 

See, Cardi B is a HUSTLA.

Success is a matter of baby steps. Cardi B left stripping in the past only to have four major hit songs on THE HOT 100…….in the same time frame.

What B*tch working as hard as her? 


Success DOES NOT come to those who wait.

Success comes to those who want the cake. 

Of course, it makes sense waiting on opportunities is like waiting for money to fall from trees or for hell to freeze over.

It’ll NEVER happen!

If you wait on opportunities, you will be waiting


To hell with waiting, this blog is meant to break down Cardi B’s hustling hacks and give you a 2018 to look forward to.

How did this 25-year-old ex-stripper take 2017 by a chokehold and claim her success?

How did she do it?

At the end of the day, she’s just an ex-stripper right? 


Do you have the ambition that Belcalis Almanzar possesses? Do you have what it takes to Cardi B your 2018? Do you have the determination that Mrs. Money Moves conquers?

Cardi B is the epitome of the success, that you can only dream of when living in the “hood”. Mrs. Soon to be wifey of rockstar rapper, OFFSET has set the tone.

She is not playing, she has coined herself as the “Trap Selena” and is all about being HERSELF.


How can you FOLLOW in this fiance’s steps?

Let’s take a look at Cardi’s timeline to stardom:

Belcalis Almanzar achieved success at such a young age, growing up in the South Bronx wasn’t easy for the Half Trinidian, Half Dominican Mami. She witnessed more than a young girl would with poverty and Domestic violence.

She once stated: “It really saved me from a lot of things. When I started stripping I went back to school.”

Stripping was her stepping stone.


She escaped her domestic violence situation by supporting herself financially, gained popularity through Vine and Instagram, caught the eye of leeching Mona Scott, and finally finally finally TOOK A RISK and began her career as a full-time female rapper.

You see it’s not where you’re at, it’s where you want to be.

Cardi B knew what it took, even after DJ Self   doubted her blatantly stating that she wasn’t ready.

Well, this young man CLEARLY wasn’t ready for MRS. number one, Grammy-nominated artist.


Sh*t Hit the fan!

Her success in 2017 is unmatched, she became one of the top streamed artists, endorsements from Steve Madden to nominations from the  BET award to the Grammys, not to mention her entertaining interviews with some of the best, like JIMMY FALLON.

Oops, how did we forget!

The ENGAGEMENT TO the member of the Migos, rockstar/rapper, OFFSET


Show that ring SIS.

That’s how you use 24 hours a day, 365 days out the year to total up to a POPPIN ASS 2017.

tenor (2).gif

We have A Boss B*tch on our hands.



What can we learn from this wife to be? 

Let indulge in some of: 

Cardi B’s Hustling Hacks

How to Cardi B your 2018

  1. Who Got this Mf STARTED? CARDI!

One thing the world knows about Cardi is that she is HERSELF……….at ALLLLL times. She says the darnest things, this is a woman who doesn’t hold back. If she thinks it, she says it and leaves us


Her personality shines bright and brings her MUCH success.

Let your personality and attitude push you to limits you never thought were possible like Cardi’s.

When people meet her, they say they feel welcomed. She’s vibrant, funny, and REAL.

Her characteristics have been a HUGE component of her overall success. Be kind, be charming, be real. 

2. Make Money Moves

Good things DO NOT come to those who wait. What if Cardi B was still waiting for her big break? She didn’t wait, she sought and conquered.

This hack is alllll about baby steps. Whatever you need to do to gain experience and further your business or brand

Reach out, NETWORK.

Do you know that Cardi B used her networking and persuasive skills to get the DJs to play her music in the Strip Club?



Strippers were shaking that ass to Foreva, a classic off her Gangsta Bitch mixtape.

A smart woman indeed, TALK, INTERACT.

Use what you have to get what you want. Tactics. Get Out and Get Something. Take that first step and never look back.

3. Don’t Let These Hoes Bother You

One thing to remember is staying POSITIVE.

With new levels, there will be new devils.

So let’s remember to have tunnel vision, don’t listen to the haters. The haters gone hate.

Focus on the ones who love and support you, like Cardi said “don’t care who’s fond of you”



4.Who You know Drip like this? Who you know built like this?

Last but not least, HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE HARD.

Now that we’ve stuck true to our character, networked, and remained positive…’s time to grind like you’re broke.

Invest your time, invest your money. Is this brand or business something you really want? Is it something that you’re craving?

Cardi B would love to see you TAKE risks, do something out the box.

But never forget your money, sisters, and brothers.

Hustle for what’s already YOURS.

Kill for it.



Cardi B, we wish you much success in 2018. 

This, my dear, is


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