Everything does not require a response…

By:Joye Epps

Growing up, my mother taught me to always have a word. My quick wit, slick mouth, sharp tongue and the fact that I “sit on ready” is the reason why most of my friends have affectionately named me the “Clap-Back Queen.” It is not often that I encounter a formidable opponent. Most times when someone enters into a word war with me, they soon realize that maybe they have bitten off more than they can chew.

I am so effective at my craft that even the strongest, thick-skinned, tough as nails people; who believe that they are impervious to my wrath when it unleashes, succumb to the lethal injections that my mouth delivers. However, through maturation, I soon learned that everything does not require a response.

It always amazes me how well people think they know you. They could have just met you five minutes ago and they believe that they have you pegged. They truly feel that they could serve as the co-author of your life story. This occurs partially due to the fact that maybe you’ve divulged a little bit too much, or, they feel that they are so astute, intuitive and qualified to insert their unsolicited facts (opinions) about why you are the way you are. These are typically the individuals that I give no credence to. They are not worth the spitfire.

They’ve not walked a block in your shoes, damn a mile. They will never fully understand your nu-eroticism, idiosyncrasies or the intricate tapestries of your design. And, it’s not their job to, nor is it your job to convince or explain. Heaven only knows what has shaped you into the individual you are today. Behind every smile, frown and tear lies a story. Others will only be able to sympathize and maybe empathize with your unspoken struggle.

Do not entertain their judgments or assessments of which box you fit in to. Refuse to respond to the ignorance and thwart negative projections that they try to place upon you. Someone once said that the people with the toughest exterior are usually the most hurt. The hard shell that you display has been placed their as a barrier to prevent further penetration to your core. So, boldly and proudly own who you are! Never allow someone else’s opinion to cause you to second-guess your thoughts, feelings or actions.

Always remember that nobody resides in the court of law; and, God is our only judge, so, to hell with the peanut gallery. Live your best life, meet your higher self, and, become the best version of you. Words are power and they can be very damaging so choose your battles wisely. And, keep in mind, that you can do more with silence than you could ever do with words. Force others to read between the invisible lines.

Buckle up! It’s going to be a joyeride.

This blog was originally posted on my blog here: https://joyeride.com/2018/02/16/everything-doesnt-require-a-response/

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