Ciara Jibri Mix’D Things Up At Chicago’s Latest Networking Event

By: CeCe Marie

For the first half of 2018, I’ve been all about my business; focusing on myself, my brand and my circle of supporters.  And with only six months left in the year, I’ve found myself booking up my calendar with networking functions. I guess you can say I’m embracing chapter 29 of my life and CeCe Marie is at her peak of maturing.

Now when it comes to networking, Ciara Jibri, has a special recipe for success. I’ve attended a couple of her bi-monthly installations for her brand HAUS OF MIMOSA, and being able to get people to mix and mingle is just one of the few tricks that Ciara has up her sleeve. The networking queen raised the bar to another level on June 27th by collaborating with comedian and actress, Erica Watson who contributes on Windy City Live, The Jam and Showtime’s “The Chi.”

These two leading ladies curated a powerful networking event called Mix’D where they focused on two generations, Millenials and Gen-X, connecting. The IO Godfrey Rooftop Lounge was the perfect upscale venue to set the mood for the night. If I had to describe the evening in two words I would have to say the room was full of black excellence. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many different established black professionals that were all about their business and full of positive energy. Erica broke the ice at the beginning of the night by telling attendees “get your ass up and don’t be boujee.” For three hours everyone worked the room mixing and mingling while building connections among different industries and ages. I left the IO Godfrey with a handful of business cards, some new Instagram followers and a coffee date with a new potential client. Thanks Ciara and Erica for hosting such a beneficial event. 

To learn more about the execution of the event check out my Q&A with Ciara. She even spills the tea on some of her own personal networking tips. #SheWorkin.

1. How did you come up with the idea to mix the generations of Millenials and Gen(x) for your event Mix’D?

Celebrity Actress & Comedian Erica Watson, who also happens to be my mentor, reached out to me to partner with her on creating a room to join forces between business leaders and entrepreneurs within two generations.

2. What was your vision for the event and how did you make it come to life? 

The vision for the event was for all guest to come dressed eloquently whilst networking and engaging with new entrepreneurs from all over the world. The mission was to create a room for Gen X & Millineal business leaders to form possible mentor and men-tee relationships. As a team, Erica and I collectively put our brain power and resources together to create the perfect networking atmosphere.

3. What was your favorite highlight of the event?

My favorite highlight of the event was when Erica did the ice-breaker for the guests. She is an amazing host and speaker! It’s so natural for her to make everyone in the room feel comfortable. She also said some very very kinds words about me that had me blushing lol It was nice to get recognition for what I do!

4. Some networking events can be uncomfortable for people at first. What are your tips for breaking the ice to mix and mingle?

I honestly think the best way to break the ice for networking is to simply give out a compliment. If there is someone in the room you would like to chat with but don’t know how to start, find a conversation piece and start there.

5. In your opinion, why is it important to network and how should people go about networking? Any groups, events, or places they should start with for networking?

It’s very crucial to network because yes, I truly believe you must be educated in your craft but to acquire and maintain relationships in the industry is extremely important. It’s not always what you know, but WHO you know. I would definitely recommend young entrepreneurs to come out to my HAUS of Mimosa bi-monthly networking socials. They have been extremely successful with connecting entrepreneurs! Every person that attends leaves with a new business or personal relationship.

6. How has networking helped you personally with your career and brand?

Networking has helped me tremendously in my career thus far. In my personal life, I had the privilege of growing up under a tutelage supervision and guidance of a Gen-X professional which happens to be my MOTHER. I got a bird eye view of how they think, operate business, and create and maintain relationships.

Within that, I took the communication building skills I was taught and applied them to my every day life. Networking and maintaining healthy relationships with people have opened so many doors for me!

7. Who would be your dream person to network with and who would be your dream person that you want to collaborate with for your next event?

My dream person I would absolutelyyyyyyyyyy love to network with is Diddy, I know he will drop life-changing GEMS! My dream person I would love to collaborate with is Karleen Roy! She is ME in 5 years, I would love to do an event with her. I think we’re similar in so many ways plus I’ve met her in person this year & she is extremely humble!

8. What can we expect from you for the rest of this year? Any upcoming events?

For the remainder of the year, you can expect a few dope collaborations that you will not want to miss! Stay Tuned 🙂

9. What words do you live by when it come to your brand and networking?


10. For the summer are you coffee, tea or tequila? Why?

I’m most definitely coffee! I’ve been drinking so much coffee this summer. I’ve been working hard and been needing a extra boost to stay up lol I’m TIEEEEEDDD but I know my hard work will pay off in the end!












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