Meet Jillian Miller: Chicago native competing on BET’s ‘Grand Hustle’

By: CeCe Marie

We are living in a world that thrives off of clout and being relevant. People chase status as hard as the blogs run after the latest gossip. They associate status with being a boss and having that “it” career. Social media is just another aspect of status that can display your rise to the top to followers, secret admirers and even stalkers. People are always watching and the beauty is you get to control the message. Perception is everything. You can put out the message you want people to receive based on the image you choose to portray. Want to show that you are living your best life? Post a picture of yourself soaking up the sun on your latest adventure. Want to show that you got clot? Take a picture with that Instagram model in the club and tag her. But what about showing the struggle? How about showing your not so happy days or the hard work that it takes to be a boss?

Atlanta business mogul, T.I., is one person that can understand and appreciate the struggle. He has hustled his way to the top and transitioned himself from an established rapper to an actor and now to a business owner. With his latest reality completion show ‘The Grand Hustle’ on BET, T.I. is in search of the next employee for his company that oversees his music label, clothing brand and other ventures.

Jillian Miller, social media influencer and fashion blogger embodies the grand hustle. She produces her own blog “thatgirlwhowearsyourclothes where she provides a web-based platform for interviewing and shinning light on urban fashion designers and trends. Jillian currently stars as one of the contestants on ‘The Grand Hustle.’ With her diverse skill set, it’s only right that Jillian is featured this week for #SheWorkinWednesday.

Read my Q&A where Jillian spills the tea on being on the show, what’s up next and who she looks up to as a “grand hustler.” Also, be sure to check out ‘The Grand Hustle’ on BET on Thursdays 10P/9C.

1. According to ‘The Grand Hustle’ cast bio, you are a social media influencer and web entrepreneur. Can you give me a more in-depth description of who Jillian Miller is? 

Jillian Miller is constantly looking for platforms and monitized opportunities to express herself creatively through acting, blogging, connecting through social media or content creation and production that brings fun and creative content to a young and diverse following.

2.You’ve produced a blog called “thatgirlwhowearsyourclothes” (TGWWYC.) What is the mission of your blog? 

There are so many amazingly talented urban designers who are not getting the exposure they deserve. I am proud to say that I featured my first designer on my blog, Chelsey Alexandrea Carter of Alex Carter Designs.  With the misappropriation of our culture and people trying to steal our unique feel and style, it is critical that we expose talented African American designers to the world.  I feel TGWWYC  can provide a forum that provides exposure and creates an extended platform for their brand.

3.You currently are competing on “The Grand Hustle” for an opportunity to work with T.I. Can you spill the tea on your experience on the show? 

What has it been like and what have you learned thus far? The best way to describe the experience is surreal. Being able to work with and potentially for T.I is a dream in itself. He also has a very high expectation of you.  He makes it quite clear that he has a multi-million dollar brand and the person he chooses to represent that brand has to exude excellence.  Getting to work with TI has been one of the best experiences of my life.

4.On one of the episodes of the show George called you emotional for calling him out, however T.I. disagreed and thought you were peeping his “bullshit.” Can you give some context on this incident and what you were thinking in the moment? 

During one of the challenges, he who shall not be named, was attempting to sabotage me. He is very manipulative and  thrives on creating chaos. In the end, he wanted my position, and was doing everything in his power to make it look like I was incompetent. At the time, I knew I needed to set some clear boundaries, and I very nicely called him out on his nonsense.

Still from BET’s “The Grand Hustle” episode 101. (Photo: BET)

5.There was a pool party on the show where the cast thought they had a day off, however T.I. made it clear that money never sleeps and that there was going to be an elimination. Is there a such thing as having a day off? What did you learn from this experience? 

I learned in life, there are no days off when it comes to the hustle. You are consistently being judged and I should have been more cognizant of that.  However, clearly the power of editing advances the narrative .  But in the end, I agreed with TI.  I had to recognize that I control my own destiny. This experience taught me the importance of staying poised in the midst of chaos.

6.Competing for such a major job opportunity must bring a lot of pressure. How do you make sure to stay on top of your game and not to fold under pressure? 

You have to recognize that this is a competition series and each contestant is constantly trying to shake your confidence. In the end, it is important to realize that you must stay true to who you are.   It is pressure that makes diamonds.

7. Speaking of job opportunities, what is your dream position? 

My dream position would be a creative director at an advertising agency, then eventually owning my own agency.  I love being in control of the narrative, and always putting my own spin on a vision.

8. Where do you see yourself heading after the show? Any goals or ideas of what we can expect from you next?  

I am actively pursuing opportunities in acting. You can definitely expect to see more of me on the big screens.  I have also completed a children’s book titled, Hendrix Saves the Day and I hope you will find it in stores soon.

9. Who do you look up to as a “Grand Hustler”? Why? 

Aside from the obvious King of the Hustlers, Mr. Tip Harris himself, I also look up to Tracee Ellis Ross. The way she is able to juggle various hats, while still oozing pure authenticity in everything she does amazes me.

10. Are you coffee, tea or tequila? Why?  

Coffee is so ho-hum and I am well aware that I am not everyone’s cup of tea  But like me, tequila comes in the bold flavors of the distilled agave.  While tequila is being aged in casks it takes on the flavors of the wood, while the harshness of the alcohol mellows. I also at first may be harsh but I too mellow over time and provide you with that unexpected kick.

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