‘Chicago’s All Woman Wallstreet is In the Making.’

By Amber N. Anderson

Chiquita White, owner of Kiwis Boutique located at 1015 S. Western Ave., has plans of building an all woman Wallstreet, with her Million Dollar Mindset Program. After she began receiving a plethora of inquiries from women needing assistance with their business this prompted her to start her program, with the goal of providing these women the resources and tools they need in order to run a successful business.

The Million Dollar Mindset Program was created with a vision for women to build their own wall street, where they pull together all their resources to create a seven-figure income. White states, “The benefits of being apart of my program is for other women entrepreneurs to get the tools, training, and guidance they need from professional women. That understand their struggles.”

This upcoming Sunday on September 23rd, White, will be hosting the first Million Dollar Mindset, ‘Millionaire Babes Brunch’ at a private location. Women who plan on attending the brunch can expect to walk out with an even bigger network and support system than they did when they walked through the door.

“They will have the opportunity to come face to face with other professional women and network and build a support system or receive the additional information they may be seeking.”

Since White has created the program, it has received nothing, but support and positive feedback from women throughout the Chicagoland area. Within the next five years, she has plans to expand the program to other cities such as Los Angles, New York, and Atlanta.

The ultimate goal she has for the ‘Million Dollar Mindset Program’, is for every woman who goes through her program to become a millionaire.

To stay updated with all of the Millioniar Mindset Program’s upcoming events and to possibly become a ‘millionaire babe’, please follow them on instagram @_millionairebabes.

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