CeCe Marie

CeCe Marie is a loud-mouth girl with an engaging personalty. From an early age, the Kingston NY, born east coast girl has possessed a passion for writing. Starting from the time she was pregnant, her mother use to read to her every night. CeCe Marie would stay up past her bedtime, reading books in her closet with a flashlight when she was suppose to be sleeping. Unlocking the stories that lived in her mind, she would write essays and poems in journals that she always kept on hand. Her writing even got her some scholarships for college where she studied undergrad at Lewis University in Romeoville, IL. When she decided to go to grad school her writing assisted her into getting accepted at DePaul University in their journalism program where she received her masters of arts.

After graduating from DePaul University CeCe Marie began her career in advertising. Combining her media background with the competitiveness that is in her blood, she has succeed for the past five years as a top sales executive at Guerrero Howe. The company publishes 6 business focused magazines distributed to C-suite executives across the US with the majority representing Fortune 500 companies. CeCe Marie sells media packages for the magazines that included digital and print products such as advertisements, web exclusives, and photo shoots. Through building relationships with her clients she has been able to establish partnerships with companies that include Under Armour, CBS, McAfee, Aflac and Dollar General.

Following her creative instincts and her passion for media, CeCe Marie started Coffee, Tea or Tequila with Mark Moore, her business partner and creative director. This media platform encompasses her passion for sharing positive stories that can ignite others to follow their journey to be the best they can be for themselves and others around them. Every story has multiple layers to it and CeCe Marie believes that when you dig into those layers you will be able to reflect on your experiences and grow from them. This is only the beginning and Coffee, Tea or Tequila will continue to evolve as CeCe Marie continues to let her creative juices flow. In the meantime you can find her on her social media platforms.

Twitter: CeCemarieBrown

Instagram: CeCemariebrown

Facebook: Christina Cece Brown

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