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July 18, 2018

By: CeCe Marie

You never know who is watching. This week, I received a heartfelt email from a fellow female entrepreneur that I connected with last summer. Over a year ago during a Sundayfunday rooftop party at Joy District, I met Brittany Aragones-Fleming. She talked to me about starting her own blog/youtube channel, and I mentioned that I had just started Coffee, Tea or Tequila. We quickly became Instagram friends and since then, Brittany has been following the growth of my platform.

It’s amazing what a difference a year can make. My path on this journey has unfolded quickly, and I’ve learned so much along the way. I’ve shifted the vision of my brand and I’ve been challenged as a business professional. Assisting me along the way has been a growing network of other entrepreneurs who have showed support and inspired me every step of the way.
Brands are always stronger together and building your business isn’t a race. It’s ok to ask for help or to collaborate with other like minded individuals in your industry. A boss babe in the media industry who I’ve been following throughout my career is Angela Yee. Not only does she hold her own as the only women radio personality on The Breakfast Club, Power 105.1’s syndicated morning radio show based in New York, but she is also making moves as an entrepreneur who is uplifting other women bosses. In her recent interview with Forbes, Angela Yee discussed her insight into making her mark in media. When she was introduced to other woman that worked at different radio stations the men would tell her to watch out for them because they would come for her spot. However, Angela Yee never gave attention to what they had to say. “Imagine if I would have believed them, and treated my media sisters as competition instead of embracing them as people who were on the road to success, like myself,” she said. “You’re more powerful when you are working with other women, when you’re helping other women out, when you’re going to them for mentorship; we are all beneficial to each other.”
This week I’m embracing Brittany Aragones-Fleming for #SheWorkinWednesday. I’m not the only one who has been working this past year. At the beginning of the year, Brittany and her sister Cessie started their own small business called Sorella and Company, where they host a variety of events committed to creating memorable social experiences that are centered around wellness, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. Tomorrow night they are hosting a sip and paint at the Foundation Room in the House of Blues Chicago. To learn more about the event and their platform check out my Q&A with Brittany. #SheWorkin.
1. Your Instagram bio states that you are an Afro-Latina and a wife, but tell me more about yourself. Who is Brittany Aragones-Fleming?
I am an Afro-Latina (Puerto Rican, Italian, and Black) young woman, born and raised in the South-West side of Chicago. I attended Catholic elementary schools in the Little Village and North Lawndale areas, and graduated from an all girls high school, Queen of Peace, located in Burbank, IL. I attended Roosevelt University and studied Criminal Justice, with a minor in Sociology. Needless to say, I am an outspoken, opinionated (while also slightly shy) extrovert with a passion for creating a life worth living. After knowing my husband for almost 11 years, and being married almost two, I am a hopeless romantic who still believes that you can LEGIT fall in love and marry your best friend. Being raised by a single mother, I still find it imperative to maintain my individuality, as well as my independence, which is what motivated me to start a small business with my sister, entitled Sorella and Company.
2. What is the purpose of Sorella and Company?
The purpose of Sorella and Company is to create memorable, social experiences, fostered on wellness, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. The idea is pretty simple: we host dope events, in an effort to unite dope people. Our mission is inspired by our mantra “if you create unforgettable spaces for the right energies to connect, inspiring change happens.” Whether that change means networking with like minded individuals who feed on each others creativity and motivate the next person to do something they are passionate about. OR if change for you, simply means breaking out of your everyday routine to take a class or learn something new at one of our events. The motive is to create an atmosphere that feeds the soul. Our goal is to continue to host a variety of events that align with our own individual passions of creating fun and positive social networks.
3. Why did you name your business Sorella and Company?
Its pretty simple….Sorella is an Italian (noun) which translates to “sister” in English. Since launching this business venture as sisters, we deemed it fitting for a company name :). We also love that it’s an inclusive noun that also represents our goal as a brand: to create a sisterhood of dope women inspired to live their BEST lives.
4. You have a paint & sip event on Thursday at the House of Blues. What can people expect for the event and why should they attend?
People should attend this weeks event on Thursday, 07/19/18, because they can expect good vibes, good music, and a space where they can tap into their creativity. The ticket includes half a carafe of wine, passed appetizers, and all their painting supplies. It is going to be a fun night on the town!
5. How did your partnership with The Foundation Room come about?
My sister is actually really good friends with the Director of Operations at the House of Blues. After seeing some of the events we have hosted, they reached out and requested we host an event at their Foundation Room.
6. Do you have any advice for other women who are looking to start a small business of their own? 
The advice I have for other women who are looking to start their own small business is to…. JUST DO IT (like Nike ;))! ESPECIALLY minority women. I feel like the world needs to hear more of our voices! But in all reality, the time is going to pass anyway, why not use it to do something you are passionate about, while possibly making a little extra income along the way? We need more women bosses! I know the pressures of society may strike fear in you, and self doubt is a motha….but when you start to believe in yourself, and let go of what others think and their opinions of you, is when you REALLY start LIVING. My best advice is to be yourself, and be open to meeting new people and networking not only on a business level, but a personal level as well.
7. What are some small businesses that have inspired you on your journey?
‘Coffee, Tea and Tequila’ by CeCe Marie Brown, ‘Strip and Fitness’ by Sky Landish, ‘Where is She Going’ by Kamerin Chambers, ‘525 Executive Sweets’ by Jenna Douglass, and Experience Gourmet by Chanel Gaskew. All are small business’ ran by some kick ass women bosses!
8. Since Sorella and Company is committed to creating memorable social experiences, what future endeavors can we look out for from your brand?
Sorella and Company is currently getting our events calendar ready for you guys! You can definitely expect events like a working women’s brunch, paint and sips, yoga class on the beach, dance/fitness class, creative networking, health and wellness, apothecary class, and much MORE!
9. Are you coffee, tea or tequila? Why?
Definitely a coffee girl! As a Latina, you would think I was tequila (def Hennessy girl lol) BUT I LOVE my coffee in the morning! It’s one of the things I look forward to before I start a long work day.
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