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The Birth of CHICAGORILLA – Episode 1

October 15, 2017

Host of Coffee, Tea or Tequila, CeCe Marie interviews Van Johnson and Kevin Womack, the creative minds behind the clothing line Chicagorilla. The clothing brand represents embraces the gorilla, which is one of the most dominant animals in the jungle. It also is a representation of how dominant individuals handle their business to any degree necessary.



CeCe Marie
Chicago, IL

CeCe Marie is a loud-mouth girl with an engaging personalty. Combining her media background with the competitiveness that is in her blood, she has succeeded for the past five years as a top sales executive at Guerrero Howe.This media platform encompasses her passion for sharing positive stories that can ignite others to follow their journey to be the best they can be for themselves and others around them. Every story has multiple layers to it and CeCe Marie believes that when you dig into those layers you will be able to reflect on your experiences and grow from them.


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